Our Vision

CrossHaven exists to...
  • Introduce people to Jesus
    • We want to be people who love and accept ANYBODY...NO MATTER WHAT!  Seriously.
    • We want to be so excited about the goodness of God that we can't keep it bottled up inside.  It will eventually burst forth in our actions and our words to those far from God.
    • We want to love people like Jesus did, not condemn people like the religious leaders of His day.
    • We want hundreds and hundreds of people in our community to experience the love and grace of God.  We long to see the weight of their faults and frustrations fall at the feet of Jesus.
    • We want our worship service to be so captivating, relevant and compelling that it literally becomes an encounter with the Spirit of God as all people will feel welcome, engaged, and challenged. 
  • Develop their relationship with Him
    • We want to help people grow spiritually, whatever their next step with God may be.
    • We want to help people recover from their hurts, habits, and hang ups as they find freedom in Christ.
    • We want to help people to connect with God anytime and anywhere as they experience Him on a daily basis.  We want to connect with God through reading the Bible and praying regularly.
    • We want to become servants like Jesus, people who sacrifice and invest ourselves in others.
    • We want to break down our loyalties and devotion to lesser things, keeping our primary focus on God.  People should notice that there's something different about us, in a good way.  We want to worship Him and not our material possessions.  We want to be financially free and to generously invest in things that matter for eternity.
    • We want to grow strong, healthy relationships.  We want to develop great dads, moms, spouses, families, neighbors, employees, and friends.
  • Send them out to impact the world
    • We want to be so relevant to the community that if we disappeared, the community would say, "Where did the church go?!"  
    • We want to make such a difference in our community that our presence MATTERS to those in need around us. 
    • We want to serve others as if we were serving Jesus Himself. 
    • We want to be so on fire about caring for others that it becomes infectious and contagious.
    • We want to send out our people to do so much good in the community that we couldn't even keep track of it all if we had to.
    • We want to raise up leaders who will change lives around them.
    • We want to partner with ministries across the world that are making a difference.

The bottom line is that we want to allow God to transform our lives and then we aim to become His agents of transformation to the world around us.  God is still changing the world, one life at a time.  We invite YOU to come and be a part of it!