Worship at CrossHaven Church is much more than music. It involves our lives. We hope you will worship with us.

Opportunities to serve:
Worship Band
Praise Team
Praise Choir
Computer Graphics

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"People are not meant to be worshipped because we're always going to mess up. Our culture longs to ascribe value to so many things that aren't of God, so anytime we can focus on God, and through that help people do the same, we're doing what we were put here for. And that's a powerful thing." Chris Tomlin

"For some reason, in a lot of people's eyes, the stage and spotlight can make others appear to be more than they really are. Though we spend a lot of time 'on stage,' we are no different than any other follower of Christ, experiencing the same joys and struggles as everyone else. Thankfully, we are covered moment by moment by the grace of God. There's only one star in the Kingdom of God - and it's not any of us. His name is Jesus, "the Bright Morning Star." Chris Tomlin